Mary Higgins Clark, Suspense

Where Are You Now?

First book review of this blog!

I most recently read (as in I read it all yesterday) Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark. To note, this book was released in 2008, so it is not her most recent book. I have read more recent books of hers, so those reviews will be coming.

In the book Where Are You Now, we are introduced to numerous characters, all playing various degrees of importance in the story. As is common with many of her books, Clark likes to write with multiple points of view. She has many chapters in the book, each chapter jumping from one character to another. She will even jump into the mind of the villain. Clark is very careful with this though. You have to pay attention and read the villain parts, quick as they are, to even be able to guess who it is. Clark does an outstanding job of keeping readers guessing until the very end. No wonder she is called the Queen of Suspense.

Where Are You Now? starts out with Carolyn and her mother waiting on Mother’s Day for the yearly call from Mack, Carolyn’s older brother who disappeared ten years ago and only calls once every year, on Mother’s Day. He never stays on the phone for longer than one minute. One day, Carolyn gets tired of the calls and on the yearly Mother’s Day call, she yells to him that she will find him and put an end to the misery her and her mother have dealt with the past ten years. Carolyn’s father, who was alive when Mack went missing, died in 9/11 and the coping of two lost individuals is becoming too much for both mother and daughter to bear.

During the Sunday Mass, there is a note left in the basket for Carolyn’s uncle that warns Carolyn to not come looking for him. This does nothing to deter Carolyn, but it does finally put Carolyn’s mother to rest about worrying for Mack. When Carolyn’s mother leaves on a cruise, Carolyn takes it upon herself to reopen the investigation. But, in doing so, she reopens the cases of 3 other missing women from the past 10 years, including the murder of Mack’s acting teacher. Then, another young woman goes missing, Leesey Andrews.

With Carolyn’s own searching, she has caught not only police attention, but the love interest again of Mack’s friend Nick, who has his own reasons for not wanting police attention and using her to deter it. Carolyn begins to play detective and speaks with the building superintendents where Mack lived with two roommates when he did disappear and learns that all is not as it seems there. The building manager, Bruce Galbraith, wants nothing to do with the investigation for fear of a ruined reputation of not only that building, but all the other properties he owns as well. Bruce has to deal with his nephew, who he feels is incompetent and his assistant, Howard Altman. Elliot Wallace becomes her mom’s new love interest and also the executor of Carolyn’s and Mack’s trust funds from her mom’s inheritance.

As Carolyn searches, she uncovers secrets about Mack that many people never knew. Before she knows it, Mack has been framed with the murder of the three women, as well as the abduction of Leesey Adnrews, who now promises Mack’s pattern of calling every mother’s day.

Carolyn races to stop the accusations against Mack and to clear his name. Will she get the help she needs, or will the detectives stop at nothing to tarnish Mack’s name, and hers in the process? Or will she become another victim in a madman’s quest to end the game forever?

If you have any requests for future reviews please let me know!


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