Elise Sandburg, Suspense

Stay Dead

Stay Dead by Anne Frasier

This book is the second in this series following Elise Sandburg, Gould, and Strata Luna.

Before beginning this book, it is important to note that there was a delay between the first book and this book being released. In so doing, there is also a large gap of time between where the first book ended and where this one begins. As long as you understand that going in, it will be easy to dive into and enjoy the book. Some things that have changed since then:

  • Strata Luna and Elise are on better terms and get a long.
  • Gould and Elise’s relationship has grown and is changing as well
  • Elise has had an attack right before this book begins by someone dubbed “The Organ Theif”
  • Elise and her daughter are closer than before

This book has some inconsistencies including the daughter being off in Europe for a trip at the age of 15, but then manages to get away from her host family and fly home early, very much against her mother’s wishes and all the host mom has to say is “I’m sorry. I didn’t know she was planning this and had left to get on a plane until it was too late.” Regardless, this raises the stakes for Elise, which, I am assuming was Frasier’s purpose for doing so. There is a new crazy individual on the loose, but in order to take a break from her most recent ordeal, Elise escapes to her deceased aunt’s plantation to recoup and relax. Her mother had told her about hearing from her aunt recently, but Elise shrugs it off as her mom hearing things. While she is recuperating, the killer is on the loose again, making Elise fearful for her life, yet she is intrigued when she thinks she sees her aunt around the plantation. From one deceased person mystery to another, Elise realizes that you can’t trust anyone, even if they are dead and buried. With Elise trying to relearn about Gullah culture and recaptivate her own mission for living, for the living and dead, she must sort through mysteries not only related to killers, but to her own family and learn how to move forward with her life. Elise’s life will be turned upside down by the end of the book. Safety is not always where she expects to find it, and the most unlikely people turn out to be around to help in the most unusual of circumstances.

At the end of this book, it leaves the reader wanting more, especially with the emergence of “new” characters.

(This book is part of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program.)


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