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Pretty Dead


Pretty Dead by Anne Frasier

This is the third book in the series following these characters.

In this book, Elise is faced with not only talking to Strata Luna, but her father Jackson Sweet, is now being asked to help the police department with the new investigation. The new killer turns up the stakes when the mayor’s daughter turns up missing and then dead. Elise faces her ever-evolving romance with Gould, as well as her own daughter, Audrey’s need to see and meet her no longer deceased grandfather. Audrey takes a liking to the Gullah culture and wants to learn, much to Elise’s dismay, but Elise has more things to worry about when a reporter has been assigned to follow her and Gould around. The reporter,  Jay Thomas Paul, (the guy with the three first names as they refer to him as), makes their job more difficult and awkward than before. Jay tries to get into places nto allowed, making the job more difficult for Elise and Gould to complete. As time moves on, Audrey becomes targeted as well and in danger of being harmed. With no hope of return, Elise wants to take matters into her own hands before the wrong person ends up dead, or worse, her daughter. This book moves fast, especially the last 50 pages or so where a lot of action was packed in. This story does take a lot of set up because of the ending, but it shows true signs of a sequel coming. This story carries the same suspenseful tone as the other ones have and is a super quick read. I was able to devour this book in one sitting in an afternoon. I can’t wait for her next book in the series to come out! Though, right now it looks as if that won’t be until June 2017.

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