Mary Higgins Clark, Suspense

A Cry in the Night

A Cry in the Night by Mary Higgins Clark

Clark is at it again! I cannot get enough of her books. She is an amazing author and does a spectacular job at creating a suspenseful environment! In this novel, Jenny MacPartland is a single mom of two young children, whose father does not care much for them. The father, rather than providing for his kids and helping with expenses, comes to Jenny to ask for help with his own expenses, even when he knows she has very little. Jenny’s open heart makes her gullible to this as she feels unfair to not help out her children’s father. Knowing this about Jenny is important to understanding her reasoning and why she acts the way that she does.

Jenny works at an art gallery in NYC when the famous painter Erich Krueger, a landscape and portrait painter, holds an exhibit. She immediately falls in love with him. He seems perfect, and longs her for in the same way. It is a whirlwind romance, and before she knows it she is married and whisked away from her city life, to life with him in the country. Erich hides himself away in his cabin to work on his paintings in solitude to be able to work without interruption. Jenny accepts this, as he has accepted her children as his own and even got her ex to give over his parental rights. Erich is very peculiar about certain rooms in the house, rooms that may not be entered or touch because they are as they were when his mother left him forever. Jenny looks identical to his mother, adding to this odd attraction as everyone on the farm is astounded by this notion. As the days continue, Jenny is sending her further into solitude and soon, she has been disconnected from her own children as well at the hands of Erich. With lonely days streaming ahead of her, and hints of Erich’s mother’s ghost roaming the halls and property at night, Jenny sets out on her own adventure to uncover the truth about his past. When tragic events collapse upon each other, Jenny discovers a horrifying truth that threatens to forever change her future.

This was a captivating read and a true page-turner. Clark leaves clues throughout the story so that you can uncover the truth yourself, but there are parts that you do not see coming that will chill you to the bone. This novel does begin with a cut scene from further in the book, but it truly sets the stage for the novel and makes you begin to question everything that happens and if you really can trust what you hear and see. Falling in love can be tragically beautiful, or tragically dreadful for all involved.


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