Katherine Reay, Romance

Lizzy and Jane

Lizzy and Jane by Katherine Reay

This book will pull at your heart strings in more ways than one. This book follows Lizzy, a chef in New York City with her own restaurant, but when her restaurant manager tells her that her passion is failing and is bringing in extra help, she decides now would be a good time to take time to go visit her father and sick sister, Jane. Jane is sick with cancer and has a family of a husband and two kids. Jane has lost her will to love, to love, to eat, to do anything for most of the week after her chemotherapy.
When Lizzy comes, she uses her cooking skills and expertise to make foods suited Jane’s new palate. Through this Lizzy starts to love cooking again, but that comes with new issues. While living with Jane, Lizzy’s past, as well as her sister’s and father’s comes dredged up. Feelings arise that the family doesn’t want to deal with, along with a husband who appears to not be support of his wife during her sickness. Lizzy is left with Jane and her two kids, learning to balance their lives and helping Jane through treatment. Lizzy meets Nick and his son, and her world changes even more. Lizzy always plans to go back to New York, but then she begins to cook for other cancer patients as well. When things go wary there, Lizzy’s while world changes and she makes mistakes she feels she can’t undo. Lizzy leaves to go back to New York to what she thinks she wants, only to find herself mistaken. To right wrongs, she comes back to her family and Nick, but will they accept her and will her new dream showcase her passion in a way that her restaurant never did?
This story is heartfelt, deals with the loss of loved ones through sickness and distance. It shows that love can conquer all. This book proves that while you may not like a family member, loving them through it all is important. Love is not like. Love is important to have and will help you get through all trials in life, even when you think others don’t care. They will surprise you in the most unsuspecting ways. Through notes, research, a steady hand in the kitchen, the love of a child, and most of all, a second chance.
Keep tissues handy, and happy reading!


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