Liane Moriarty, Romance

The Last Anniversary 

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty 

I apologize for the month long hiatus, work got really busy, but I’m back with another book review!

This is  another book by Liane Moriarty. I am usually not much for romance novels, but hers are worth it, overall. 

This book mainly follows Sophie’s story, but we do jump to other character’s minds as well during the story. We learn that Sophie is set to inherit the house of an ex-boyfriend’s recently passed away aunt. While one family member is furious, the others are excited about her coming back to live on the exclusive family-only-after-dark island. 

Everything on their island revolves around the Enigma baby mystery. This baby that Alice and Jack just left behind when they disappeared out of nowhere. Everything from tours of the house to authentic, this is what the house looked like when left, to a yearly anniversary of the event.

Everyone in the family always debates  about what really happened, but don’t get out find out until they are forty and deemed mature enough to handle it.

The story follows Sophie and the residents that live there as they  go through character changes. The reader does learn the truth behind the mystery and the story drops off soon after that. After the truth is learned, loose ends are tied up.

This story deals with loss, depression, along with other topics that can’t be told without giving away part of the mystery. It was a good read, but it dragged on once the full truth was out and in the open.


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