Stephanie Meyer, Suspense

The Chemist

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

When I started reading this book it was hard to forget that it was written by Stephenie Meyer and ideas of vampires and werewolves were on my mind because that is what she is most famous for. (Yes, I have read The Host. That is actually the first book of hers that I read.) Having read The Host, I know that her writing does travel into other genres and that she is able to write this type of book. After a while, I forgot that it was Stephenie Meyer writing the book, and I was able to fully enjoy the book. There were times when it was very Twilight-ish and that would throw off my reading flow. Overall the writing flowed decently well, more like in The Host.

This story follows “Alex,” though that isn’t her real name. Her real name and persona is dead. She is in hiding from those that want to kill her, but one intriguing email from an old boss and she slowly comes out of hiding, but not without all her safety precautions and medical and chemical knowledge. She is a fighter, not a lover. Her old job was to get confessions out of people, by any means necessary and she used mixtures of chemicals that would induce bodily pain and other effects. She was a pro at her job, until her job almost cost her her life.

When she comes out to see the assignment, she agrees, but on her terms. She is able to locate the target, Daniel, and subdue him, luring him to a make shift laboratory room. But, during the interrogation, she realizes her feelings, which she has a true lack of, are starting to show and she is beginning to care for some reason. At around the same time she realizes that something is going wrong with the interrogation and it isn’t long before more things begin to unravel. When a man, Kevin, bursts through to save the one she has incapacitated, it takes her a few minutes to understand what is going on, but after that she teams up with both of them to stop a common threat.  This all happens in a short amount of time in the book. After that it is a lot of running, fighting back against common threats, and hiding from those that want to cause them harm.

Some parts of the book dragged on, like when they are at Kevin’s, but that is because Meyer was trying to set other things into motion and the only way that could happen was with the passage of time and thus we learn more about our new characters. What bothered me the most is how this woman, Alex, who secludes herself from everyone, finds herself falling in love so helplessly (for her). She doesn’t fall head over heels, but she starts falling in love from the first moment. I don’t think it would have happened that fast or easy, but maybe that is my own personal opinion from my perception and what I thought I learned about Alex before she is interacting with Daniel.

Overall this book was a decent read and the Epilogue is worth a read; it is a good laugh.


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