Desiree L. Scott, Paranormal

Crescent Vendetta

Crescent Vendetta by Desiree L. Scott 

This story mainly follows Vanessa through her struggles in a wolf-fighting ring, to acceptance of herself and her unborn child, and finally finding a place where she will be accepted. Vanessa is a shifter. She is wolf and  human. She was captured and held captive in her wolf form, forced to fight, and also forced to bond with her caputerer and rapist. When her alpha brother finally frees her, he can’t convince the rest of the pack to accept her. So, he gets another wolf that was in captivity with her, another alpha, Travis, to take her and look after her. Travis does so willingly and his pack does accept her.

Vanessa brings the troubles of her captivity with her, not only her pregnancy, but also the sadistic rapist that is still after her and bonded to her. Vanessa wants the bond to be broken, but also longs for the safe delivery of her baby, one that will die if she shifts back to human form during pregnancy. Vanessa must search herself for a place to feel at home and learn to trust others and know that others, unlike her father and brother, will love and accept her. Will Vanessa end up with her happily ever after, or will she end up with her rapist again, forever bonded to him.

This book is an easy read, but beware of foul and crude language as well as some sex scenes.



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