Fantasy/Supernatural, Ransom Riggs

Tales of the Peculiar 

Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs

This short book contains an assortment of short stories referenced multiple times in the series, “The Tales.”

Millard Nullings has taken his favorite stories and compiled them into a book with a few of his owm footnotes and annotations. This book gives a new glimpse into the world of the Peculiar and all the legends that surround them. These stories have to do with their beginnings as well as why certain things are the way they are, in the world of the Peculiar as well as in the lives of normals.

The stories were all really short and quick reads. They are perfect for reading when you are waiting on something because of how the stories are broken up.

I enjoyed being able to learn about the history of the Peculiars and Millard’s notes made them all the better. Each story begins with a sketch depicting a character or something important from the legend. While these aren’t the photographs that are customary in the series, the sketches are outstanding and give a good focal break between the stories.

The style of writing in the legends is similar to that of the series, and that consistency makes it easy to read these stories and be able to understand things better.

I enjoyed reading this book as a way to wrap up my reading from the series, even though you could read it at any time during the series.


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