Paula Hawkins, Suspense

Into the Water

Into the Water  by Paula Hawkins


I eagerly awaited this book by Paula Hawkins. Her other book was great. When I read this one, I saw that it was instantly switching character viewpoints. Each of the beginning chapters is someone new. There were about 10 characters to keep track of. The stories didn’t always stop where the other one ended. Time was missing and other information did not add up. You have a police officer, a dead wife/mother, a grown man who thought he saw something as a child but wasn’t sure, a teacher, a woman who speaks to spirits, a murdered woman (well 3 really- that are truly looked into in the story), her sister, her daughter, and more. You have police detectives. You have teachers. You have inappropriate relationships. You have women who hold grudges (against kids and against other grown-ups). There is a lot going on in this just under 400 page novel. I found myself taking notes at first so I could get a bearing on who each character was, but more characters were introduced. Everything is wrapped up quickly in the end, but it felt badly done. Everything wasn’t explained, and though the most of the murders are explained, one of them isn’t fully explained, or rather explained in a manner that makes sense, but people are so tired of the whole situation that they just let it be. People disappear and they leave it at that.

It wasn’t as satisfying a read as Girl on the Train was. I definitely expected more from this author. I didn’t feel like it answered all the questions like it should have. I think there were too many characters who we just “had” to hear from.

Also, with the different points of view, most were told in first person, but a few were done in third person. When reading everything else in first person and then you get a random one in third, it throws off your reading game. Though very specific ones were done like that and it makes sense afterwards as too why, but it didn’t make a story as complete and fulfilling as it could have been.


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