Mary Higgins Clark, Suspense, Under Suspicion

Every Breath You Take

Every Breath You Take By Mary Higgins Clark and Alafair Burke

This story follows the Under Suspicion  series including Laurie Moran and her successful television series by the same name. This time there is a new on-air host, Ryan Nichols, and her previous host (and romantic partner), Alex Buckley, has left in all aspects of her life. Laurie must now traverse her newest case, the Met Gala murder, by herself without Alex to talk to. But, she doesn’t even know how to feel about Alex.

This new case was brought forward by Ryan, which causes Laurie to be skeptical in the first place, because she isn’t sure if she can trust him enough. This is especially more apparent when she realizes the case only got brought forward because the key suspect in the murder is Ryan’s personal trainer, Ivan, who is accused of throwing his lover, Virginia Wakeling, off the roof during the Met Gala. All eyes in the family are on Ivan because he is younger and Virginia has spent a lot of the family money on him and his life. She helped to fund the startup to his business. She gave him a car after dating only months. Anna and her husband, as well as the other brother Carter, are all looking to Ivan Gray as the lead suspect and all have their reasons for choosing him. Another cousin, Tom, was also at the Met Gala with an eccentric girlfriend. Virginia’s assistant, Penny, who is now building a new life for herself, was also there to help with various things at the Met Gala. In the end, the killer is found, and the family grows to understand that everything is not always as it seems, but will they ever be able to trust each other again?

This books follows the same order as the other books in the series with finding out information and how Laurie goes about getting more information. The story is great and during the book, I had an inkling about who the killer was and while the story tried to sway that reasoning throughout the events, it did come back to this one person. It was a great story, and well-written, just like the other books in the series. Laurie and her team wrap up another case and in the end, she gets her own reward from the person that she loves most.

Happy reading!


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