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The Woman in the Window

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Oh…my…goodness!Oh..my..goodness! Ohmygoodness! I cant say it enough about this book. I wanted to read the whole thing in one sitting, but alas with responsibilities and other things I couldn’t.

This book is amazing! We meet Anna Fox, Dr. Fox, who has agoraphobia, the fear of leaving her home. She was once a well-known psychologist and was great at what she did, but then catastrophe struck. The event happened that changed it all for her. Now, she spends her days behind a window, behind her Nikon camera, and behind her computer. She doesn’t leave. Ever. Hasn’t left in over 10 months. She has everything delivered to her and her doctor as well as trainer all come to her.

She has a daughter, Olivia, and her husband, Ed, but because of that event, the relationships are not what they used to be. She spies on her neighbors and one day, she sees something, but with the combination of her meds (that she doesn’t dose correctly) and her unlimited supply of wine that she drinks, she can’t be sure. And then, the police don’t believe her, her neighbors don’t believe her and can prove otherwise. Anna starts on a mission to find out what really happened and how it really happened. But then things start happening, and her past, that event comes crashing back to her. She needs to be able to separate truth from reality. Fact from fiction. And find out, before it finds her.

There were a few place in this book that my eyes went wide and I began to read fast. The book is written in short chapters and the sentences are written in a way that makes it easy to feel how Anna feels. It is a well-written and well put-together. You can definitely see Anna’s transitions. This is a book I would read again immediately to see everything that I missed the first time around and see if I can catch it all, or at least more, this time.

This book is amazing!


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