Before I Fall

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

This was a book that I was easily able to get lost in, but I was also easily able to pull away from.

The story follows Samantha Kingston as she re-lives her “last day” over and over again. Realizing, as she goes through the journey that she has to make changes if she wants to make things better or make things right. Along the way she realizes that making things better isn’t always the easy choice and what seems like it might make it better, might actually make it worse.

It was a nice cozy read, but by her 3rd time around, I saw the ending coming and I knew what had to happen. It was interesting to see Samantha’s character’s progression through it all, but at the same time it didn’t always mesh well.

I saw the ending coming, but I still expected more from the ending and expected it to be done in a better way.


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