What Alice Forgot

What Alice Forgot by Liane Moriarty

This book is definitely an interesting read. It begs the question: What would you do if you forgot the last ten years of your life? Would you be the same person? Would you change who you are? Would you become someone knew? What would the 10-years-younger you say about the choices you are making today? What would you think about who you have become and what you are doing with your life?

Alice Love doesn’t have to ask these questions; she is living it. She falls during a spin class at her gym and bumps her head. When she comes to, moments later, she has no recollection of where she is, who the people around her are, nor does she realize it is 10 years later than what she remembers. Her bump caused 10 years of memories to disappear. She comes into a world where she is on the edge of a divorce with the love of her life, she has three kids, her relationship with her sister has gone astray, she has different priorities which includes a pesky, bossy voice in her head, and for once in her life, she is skinny. None of this seems normal to her and she has to navigate her way through her new life to try and find her old self, while still being true to her actual self. This gives Alice a second chance at life, relationships, as well as how she does things. With each day, more memories are revealed to her and she realizes more and more of why she acts the way she does/did or why people act certain ways around her. She realizes she is a busy mother who never slows down to enjoy life. Her 10-years-younger self finds it hard to keep up, but does her best to make a new way in her already set-in-stone life.

As books would have it, she has another massive fall ending with a bump on the head towards the end of the book, and after that bump it seals the fate of how she will act and what she will do with the rest of her life.

This book did switch back and forth between Alice, Frannie’s letters (family friend), and Elizabeth’s (Alice’s sister) homework. This switching back and forth takes a while to get accustomed to, but the more I read, the more I realized why their letters were so important to the rest of the story. It gave a more unbiased view to all the situations and it helped the reader to understand why certain characters acted in certain ways. It gave the reader information that sometimes Alice might not, and cannot know because of her memory loss, but it leads to a deeper understanding.

For the most part we as the reader are on the same journey with Alice, trying to recover her memory and figure out who she is, was, and wants to be going on into the future.

Another great book from Liane Moriarty!

The Last Anniversary 

The Last Anniversary by Liane Moriarty 

I apologize for the month long hiatus, work got really busy, but I’m back with another book review!

This is  another book by Liane Moriarty. I am usually not much for romance novels, but hers are worth it, overall. 

This book mainly follows Sophie’s story, but we do jump to other character’s minds as well during the story. We learn that Sophie is set to inherit the house of an ex-boyfriend’s recently passed away aunt. While one family member is furious, the others are excited about her coming back to live on the exclusive family-only-after-dark island. 

Everything on their island revolves around the Enigma baby mystery. This baby that Alice and Jack just left behind when they disappeared out of nowhere. Everything from tours of the house to authentic, this is what the house looked like when left, to a yearly anniversary of the event.

Everyone in the family always debates  about what really happened, but don’t get out find out until they are forty and deemed mature enough to handle it.

The story follows Sophie and the residents that live there as they  go through character changes. The reader does learn the truth behind the mystery and the story drops off soon after that. After the truth is learned, loose ends are tied up.

This story deals with loss, depression, along with other topics that can’t be told without giving away part of the mystery. It was a good read, but it dragged on once the full truth was out and in the open.

Three Wishes

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty 

This book follows the travels of three sisters for roughly a year of their life.  The first introduction to the sisters is a scene from an outside perspective watching them at a restaurant when they seem to have an explosive argument. We hear nothing in this snippet from any of the sisters. From there we switch back in time and start hearing their story, switching between the three: Lyn, Cat, and Gemma Kettle. Each sister has an issue to deal with it, be it family, or love life related. All have a mirage built up that is bound to be broken soon. They have secrets they don’t even tell each other. Their relationships strain, together and with others. But, through this one year in their life they also grow stronger and closer. I did enjoy the outside snippets that show various parts of their lives. Though at first it didn’t seem as if they had any correlation to the current story, the more I read, the more clear it became how they interacted and impacted the story. It impacted my viewpoint on the girls too, as it gave another glimpse into them that I would otherwise never have seen. These girls resemble a family, like any other, except they are triplets and that makes them unique to everyone else around them.

Overall this book was a decent read. I liked it enough to keep reading .ore of this author’s books. It is also this author’s first book and that can account for some of the writing not being as grand. It took me a long time to read this one between other obligations and I can’t fully tell if it is because of the lack of a total hook to these characters, because I didn’t care for them as much as I usually do for other characters, or if it took me a long time to read for other reasons. 

Overall the book is a decent read and I am going to give this author another go by reading her next book.