Anne Fraiser, Suspense

The Body Reader

The Body Reader by Anne Fraiser This book was an easy read and kept me fairly well-entertained. There were a few spots I had to go back and reread because I lost track or somethings didn't make sense, but overall it was a good read. This book follows Detective Jude Fontaine, a woman that was… Continue reading The Body Reader

Elise Sandburg, Suspense

Stay Dead

Stay Dead by Anne Frasier This book is the second in this series following Elise Sandburg, Gould, and Strata Luna. Before beginning this book, it is important to note that there was a delay between the first book and this book being released. In so doing, there is also a large gap of time between… Continue reading Stay Dead

Elise Sandburg, Suspense

Play Dead

Play Dead by Anne Frasier Sorry for the delay since the last post, my world got busy with the upcoming school year.  Back to the books!   This book is book one of a three (soon to be four) book series. I suspect more books are coming in this series. This book follows Elise Sandburg… Continue reading Play Dead